ooc: Modern Disney

I still need to finish thinking through ‘modern Giselle’ but it’s only a week-long event so I’m going to start by listing what I know and see if anything else comes to me. :)

  • Giselle is going to be a foreign exchange student from Andalasia. But since no one knows where exactly that is, they all just kind of go with it. (If anyone wants to play her host family, just let me know. :) )
  • She’s going to be either a high school senior or a college freshman depending on where everyone else seems to average out.
  • She’s a hopeless romantic, which can be both an endearing and an annoying quality. (Especially when she chooses to sing about it.)
  • She’s in theater and choir.
  • And she has her eyes out for her ‘one true love’.
  • She loves going to parties, hanging out with her friends, and shopping.

So if anyone wants to hang out with Giselle, I would love to hear from ya.